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One of the main goals of the Association of Administrative Professionals/Assocation des Professionnels de l’administration (the AAP) is to encourage people in the business world to continuously upgrade their professionalism through continuing education. The AAP is confident that the advantages of advanced learning will be of mutual benefit to an organization and the administrative professional.

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Association of Administrative Professionals

Belonging to our professional association means our members have access to a multitude of resources, services, discounts and information!


Our membership provides access to shared communications, support and annual trade show, Professional Development Days and national meetings that provide networking and meeting with colleagues across Canada.



The Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP) provides opportunities for growth through education and community building, giving our members a better understanding of how important their role is to any business. Being widely recognized across Canada, our membership increases year after year and members are engaged in the AAP.


We strive to provide administrative professionals the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive by encouraging all members to add to their individual competencies, advance their leadership skills, realize their value in the workplace and community, and have confidence to excel in their careers.


What are our core values:

  • Learning

  • Growth – of individuals professionally and personally and the whole of the AAP

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Professionalism

  • Passion – for lifelong learning, knowledge sharing

  • Reputation – striving for continuous improvement, maintaining high professional standards

  • Equality

  • Empowerment

  • Diversity

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